Automatic backflush filter

Condensate Polishing Plant

Condensate polishing is a method that guarantees extraction of high-purity water in recovery boilers. The system is part of the condensate circuit, preventing a risk of contamination in the production cycle.

The process consists of physical filtration of microparticles of solids via filters that are automatically cleaned in a backflush process. Also, the particles dissolved in the fluid may be removed by ion-exchange resin. The plant has an automatic resin renewal system.



  • Decreases water conductivity. Up to 0.08 microsiemens.
  • Modular designs from 50 to 2500 mᶾ/h.
  • Avoids use of additional water.
  • Complete and automated monitoring of all critical parameters.
  • Fully automatic operation controlled by a dedicated PLC.
  • Communication with distributed plant control system for start-ups and process control.


HTF filter (self-cleaning for heat transfer fluid)

The cleaning system uses nitrogen gas as gas supported backflushing. The cartridges are cleaned in thrusts by the heat thermal oil itself, pressurised with inert gas and in the opposite direction of the filtration direction, from the interior to the exterior, dragging contaminants toward the drain.
Also called kidney loop filter for thermal fluid. The cartridge filters are made of high alloy stainless steel with a filtration grade up to 10 microns (0.010 mm) and are reusable.


  • Continuous filtration. Filter is located in the bypass with the thermal fluid piping.
  • Increases the thermal conductivity coefficient of the HTF.
  • Removes byproducts produced by HTF degradation.
  • Prolongs the useful lives of pumps and heat exchangers.
  • Decreases maintenance costs.
  • Increases system efficiency and availability.

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