Bernoulli self-cleaning filter


A piston-operated disc passes over the interior sieve surface without making contact. Constriction between the outer border of the disc and the interior face of the sieve pan produces a local increase in the flow speed and thus a reduction in pressure at this point from the Bernoulli effect.

The resulting decrease in pressure loosens dirt from the interior sieve wall. The backflush valve produces a pressure drop toward the drainage line, suctioning and expelling the particles.


  • Continuous filtration, even during cleaning process
  • Filtration grade up to 100 microns (0.1 mm).
  • High filtering capacity and minimal pressure loss.
  • Built-in differential pressure switch. Time-programmable cleaning, according to the contaminant concentration.
  • Fully automatic pneumatic or electric operation.
  • Control via a dedicated PLC that communicates with the plant’s DCS (Distributed Communication System) for start-up, shut-down and process control.
  • Specialists in filtration of sea, river or well water. Prevents appearance of zebra mussels and other molluscs on the inside of cooling circuits.
  • Materials: ductile cast iron with hard rubber, glass-reinforced polyester (GRP), carbon steel with hard rubber, stainless steel and other exotic ones.

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