Debris self-cleaning filter


Automatic filtration system suitable for cleaning cooling water in power plants and desalination plants.


Based on the method of cleaning by backwash, the debris filter model TA continuously eliminates all the dirt that can clog the condenser or cooling circuits of the installation.


A rotating arm has an opening that allows the passage of fluid from inside to outside in a sector of the funnel screen. The dirt is released from the basket by the backwash flow, drags it through the outlet pipe and is evacuated by the discharge valve. While one sector of the screen is in the process of being cleaned, the rest continues filtering in normal operation.



  • Minimum load loss, less than 0.06 bar in most cases.
  • Short backwash time (70 to 160 sec.) With a low flow rate (<3%).
  • Optimal heat transfer and cooling action.
  • Ensured the separation and eliminatrion of dirt of any kind.
  • Simple interior geometry. Even sealing rings may be replace during filter operating.
  • Protection against screen overload.
  • Reliable maintenance technical service anywhere in the world.

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