Cleaning systems for condenser tubes


  1.- Strainer section
  2.- Screen monitor
  3.- Ball collector
  4.- Ball recirculation pump
  5.- Ball circulation monitor
  6.- Ball injection nozzle
  7.- Debris filter
  8.- Backflush valve
  9.- Backflush pipe
10.- Ball recirculating pipe


The cleaning of the condenser is obtained by a combined system of a debris filter and the circulation of cleaning balls that are passed through the condenser tubes.


The firm Klump & Koller GmbH is a world reference in the design and manufacture of debris filters for cooling water and condenser tube cleaning systems for power plants and desalination plants of any size.


Specialist in this type of installations, we carry out integral projects with customized solutions for each plant from the planning of the project and design, where the clients have a competent and extensive assistance endorsed by long experience, up to the technical maintenance service and the control of the efficiency of the cleaning balls in order to establish a criterion for forecasting any defects in the condenser.


Cleaning balls

Klump & Koller, has optimized the efficiency of the cleaning of the condenser tubes by means of the manufacture of cleaning balls of spongy rubber with characteristics of resistance to the abrasion and temperature adapted for each case in particular, achieving better performance in the elimination of deposits-waste and longer duration of the same.


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