• LEVELSTATE specialises in manufacturing probes for their own machines, and also for different types of probes made by other manufacturers of level indicators and switches such as: FOSSIL AQUARIAN, HYDRASTEP SOLARTRON, CLARK RELIANCE, NARVIK YARWAY.
  • Conductivity probes are the sensors that detect steam in electronic level indicators and switches. They are made of stainless steel / zirconium and high-purity ceramic insulation to guarantee that they are chemically inert in high-pressure, high-temperature water.
  • Their stability ensures steam discrimination in the entire range of design conditions.
  • The metal and ceramic parts are sealed with a patented vacuum soldering process TO PROLONG THE LIFE OF THE PROBES even in the most critical environments.
  • The guaranteed life of LEVELSTATE probes is 8500 hours, in water with a pH between 7 and 11. This lifespan increases as the water conductivity increases.
  • Used in thermal power stations, combined cycle power stations, paper mills and sugar mills worldwide.


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