• Continuous anti-mollusc seawater filter for: Pumps for fire prevention, waste water (IMO), air conditioning, machine cooling.
  • Single and double filters for mineral oil circuits.
  • Osmosis equipment protection filters.
  • Compressed air line filters. Special design eliminates water and oil.
  • Protective filter for plate heat exchangers.
  • Filter for transporting live fish (livestock).
  • Screw pumps for: decanting and feeding of gas oil and fuel oil; lubricating oils; compact pumping models. Hydraulic circuits. Vertical or horizontal installation.
  • Centrifugal seawater pumps: Fire-prevention, cooling, air conditioning.
  • Self-priming pumps for charged water, bailing, fresh and salt water. Autonomous diesel fuel pumps, clutch, portable.
  • Exterior motor pumps and submerged pumps for waste water, fish waste, bilges. Special design for main motor lubrication.
  • Lateral canal pumps: Pumping modules, transfer of volatile liquids, condensates.
  • Triexcentric butterfly valve for control and isolation: metal-to-metal valve seat, zero leakage, anti-mollusc.
  • Combined valves: isolation and control in one unit, as bypass station in ship steam turbines.

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