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Hydro-wind project: the final goal of which is ensuring that the entire island’s energy consumption comes from renewable energy sources.
To do so, a wind farm and a hydropower station were installed, connected with the current electrical system of El Hierro, property of UNELCO-ENDESA.

Extent of UNITECNO supply:

6 x 6″-600# minimum flow valves

  •  Nominal flow: 210 m3/h
  • Nominal height: 700 metros

2 x 10″-600# minimum flow valves

  • Nominal flow: 640 m3/h
 Nominal height: 700 metros

UNITECNO participated in the design and supply of minimum flow valves to protect the pumping system that collects water in an elevated reservoir as an energy storage system.
We would like to showcase this case study for its technological and environmental relevance.

Key Projects

Various combined cycle power stations (Egypt)

Initec has participated in the construction of several combined cycle power stations in Egypt in the past few years.

  • Contractor: INITEC ENERGIA
  • End Client: VARIOUS
  • Supply: Self-cleaning filters up to 24″-150# for the first stage of filtration for the condenser circuit at: Nubaria, el Tebbin, Cairo West, Suez.

Various solar thermal plants

Supplying various plants with parabolic trough collectors with HTF thermal oil as heat transfer fluid.

  • Contractor: COBRA / SENER
  • End Client: VARIOUS
  • Supply: Basket, Y, cartridge and backwash strainers for the thermal oil circuit and for the balance of plant of thermal generating blocks.

CT Candelaria (Tenerife)

Unitecno participated within the modernisation process of CT Candelaria lots I, II, III, IV,

  • Contractor: UNELCO – ENDESA
  • End Client: UNELCO – ENDESA
  • Supply: Electronic level indicators in boilers, which allow direct level visualisation in the control room.

SAICA I, II, III, IV, PVE (Zaragoza)

A family paper-making company has become a leading multinational company in the field.

  • Contractor: SAICA
  • End Client: SAICA
  • Supply: Control valves, desuperheaters, and turbine bypass in successive Saica combined heat and power plants that have been built in the last 20 years.

Refinería Minatitlan (México)

Upgrade of General Lázaro Cárdenas del Río Refinery located in Minatitlan, Veracruz.

  • End Client: PEMEX
  • Supply: 42″-150# assist air cylinder check valve for hydrocracker compressor. Basket and duplex strainers with “ASME U” stamp for hydrocarbons.

CC Mittlesburen – Bremen (Germany)

Cobra built the first GE 440 MW combined cycle with gas and steam vapor in Germany.

  • Contractor: COBRA / IDOM
  • End Client: GKB
  • Supply: Unitecno supplied the following equipment, with EN/DIN regulations: Polishing plant for treatment of condensate, self-cleaning filters and basket strainers for the balance of plant and electronic level switches for the condensate wells.

Crescent Dunes – Tonopah (Nevada – USA)

Central tower solar thermal power plant with molten salt heat transfer fluid.

  • Contractor: COBRA / IDOM
  • Supply: Filters up to 20”-600# with an ASME “U” stamp for the molten salts and balance of plant system.

Central Costanera – Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Modernisation of several types of boilers of the old central thermal power station.

  • Contractor: DURO FELGUERA
  • End Client: ENDESA
  • Supply: Parallel slide gate and control valves.

Dead sea works power station – Israel

Abener is the contractor of a 250 MW combined cycle in Israel for the client DEAD SEA WORKS, subsidiary of the multinational company ICL Fertilizers.

  • Contractor: ABEINSA
  • End Client: DEAD SEA WORKS (Subsidiary of ICL)
  • Supply: 6 micron coalescent filters for the fuel-oil system.

CC Lichterfelde – Berlín (Alemania)

Iberdrola Engineering is the contractor of a combined cycle with 300 MW of electricity and 230 MW of steam for Vattenfall.

  • End Client: VATTENFALL
  • Supply: IP, LP by-pass valves for a SKODA steam turbine.

Various solar thermal plants

Extresol I, II, III, Manchasol I,II, Valle I, II, La Florida, La Dehesa, Aste 1A/1B, Astexol II, La Africana, Olivenza, Orellana, Casablanca.

  • Contractor: FLOWSERVE Coslada
  • End Client: VARIOUS
  • Supply: Minimum flow valves to protect the boiler feedwater pumps for several solar thermal projects. Supplying for the Coslada pump factory of the multinational company Flowserve.

Pumps and spare parts supply and technical services

Various Azcue pump clients

Port of Barcelona
Supply of and technical support for Azcue Pumps and spare parts for various Port of Barcelona companies.

Almaraz-Trillo nuclear plants, AIE

Almaraz Nuclear Plant
Technical support for the main steam and boiler feedwater isolation valves. Management of spare parts.

Asociación Nuclear Ascó-Vandellós (ANAV) II, AIE

Ascó Nuclear Plant
Management of spare parts

Gas Natural Fenosa

CC Palos de la Frontera / NGS / CC Arrúbal
Technical support service for the turbine bypass valves, desuperheaters and hydraulic system. Management of spare parts.

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