• Full range of control valves.
  • Specialised in critical, severe, multi-phase services with solid, cryogenic contaminants.
  • High Delta-P. Up to 4500#: Choke valves.
  • Pressure reducing and overflow control stations. Upstream/downstream constant pressure keeping.
  • Leak-off control valves for minimum flow on boiler feedwater pumps.
  • Cooling water control valves for gas turbines.
  • Other services: boiler control, drainage, desuperheating, anti-surge for compressors, control valves for gas, control valves for HTF heat thermal oil and molten salts.
  • Offshore and underwater applications.
  • Nuclear service: ASME Section III N-Stamp, with references in Spanish Nuclear Power Stations.

Robrenyo 11-15, Local 4

08014 Barcelona (Spain)

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