For boiler feedwater line:

  • Automatic minimum flow valves to protect boiler feedwater pumps.
  • Leak-off type control valve to ensure minimum flow of boiler feedwater pumps.
  • Free flow reverse current check valve to protect boiler feedwater pumps.
  • Boiler feedwater control valves with high rangeability (combining disk stacks and perforated cage in the same valve).
  • Parallel slide gate (anti thermal-binding) main boiler feedwater isolation valves.
  • Free flow reverse current check safety valves for high-pressure preheaters.
  • Electronic steam level switches for high-pressure preheater condensate wells.
  • Polishing plant for reduction of condensed water conductivity through microfiltration.
  • Condensate extraction pump.

For boiler:

  • Isolating diverting or modulating three way valve for uninterrupted economiser flow transfer.
  • Main steam valve and main feedwater valve: isolation by parallel slide gate valve, (anti-thermal binding).
  • High-performance parallel slide gate valves for purges.
  • Level control: level monitoring/interruption with level safety device in the boiler drum (dome).
  • Desuperheating: see different types in products.