Corporate Social Responsibility

Human capital development

Our company is formed by a team of committed, responsible, engaged and proactive people who represent the identity of Unitecno. Unitecno employees are our most valuable asset and the reason for our success.

We respect the diversity of our staff, which fosters a collaborative and professional work climate. In addition, we implement work-life balance measures that make work duties compatible with family and personal life.

Likewise, we focus on the responsible management of the company’s human resources in terms of equal opportunities, non-discrimination, maintaining a good working environment, occupational risk prevention programmes, attention to specific needs, training and professional development.

Efficiency and quality

Our corporate culture is based on integrity, transparency and efficiency. We strive for continuous improvement, excellence and the satisfaction of all interested parties.

We take great care in maximising the effectiveness and efficiency of our internal management and our operational processes in addition to offering quality customer service that is marked by honesty, transparency and trust. What’s more, we foster proper supplier management, selecting only those suppliers who are aligned with our corporate policy and who sustain similar commitments, responsibilities and strong ethical standards (good governance, anti-corruption and transparency) in their relationships with other agents and day-to-day operations.

Social action

We believe in a better way of doing things. That is why, each year, Unitecno collaborates with the Fundación Vicente Ferrer to end poverty in southern India by involving people in their own change. We fully share the philosophy of its founder whereby “action on behalf of others” is the basis for development.

There are many causes to fight for in this world,
and you have to take on one as your own” (Vicente Ferrer)