All filters can be manufactured in standard materials and also in plastic (glass reinforced polyester GRP).

  • Filter – microfiltration – for high pressure seawater injection.
  • Automatic seawater filter for machine cooling and air conditioning.
  • Produced water separators and filters.
  • Waste water filter (IMO Reg).
  • Minimum flow recirculation valve for fire-prevention pumps (continuous service).
  • Automatic seawater filters for fire-prevention pumps.
  • Water injection choke valves: ASME B16.34 and API 6A-HD.


  • Coalescers (liquid–gas) in the C1 – C2 – C3 crude vapour recovery unit.
  • Feedwater for hydrogenation processes: continuous self-cleaning filter and filtration trains adapted to the operating conditions and possibility of different backwashing systems: With the same medium, with an exterior medium or inert gas assisted.
  • Filter for solids up to 1 micron (0.001 mm) in FCC and in heavy and light oil cycles.
  • Coalescers for the recovery of aromatics, catalytic reforming, acid or hydrogen sulphide elimination.
  • Complete filtration plants to adapt intermediate or final products to specification requirements.
  • Gas control valves: Steam, oxygen, hydrogen, hydrocarbons.