Water Treatment

Effective removal of solids suspended in water. The treatment differs according to the type of effluent and / or the final use: industrial, wastewater, ballast water of ships, life stock fish farms or purification for human consumption.

Belt screens for roughing preliminary pre-treatment.

Circular bar screen, screw screen for fine pre-treatment, screw drum filter for poultry slaughterhouses and other types of livestock.

Multifunctional unit for sand and grease extraction, for solids from 3 to 6 mm. and flows up to 1000 m3 / h. Transport of materials trapped to containers for: Fertilizers, rubber products, magnesium chemistry, slaughterhouses

Drum filter for effluents from wastebaskets, textile-tanning, water for fish farming, zoos, sewage treatment plants, contaminated water from agricultural farms, distilleries, sugar factories.

Disks filter for residential complexes, municipalities: reuse in irrigation and services, direct discharge to channels or emissaries, pretreatment drinking water, rainwater treatment. In industry: mining, paper mills, juice treatment, sugar bowl, breweries, treatment prior to UV disinfection, effluents from agricultural farms, fish farms, irrigation.

Flotation and sludge management for further transport.