Project Description

Gorona Del Viento

Hydroelectric project with the ultimate goal of covering all electricity demand on El Hierro (Canary Islands) with energy from 100% renewable sources.

To do this, a wind farm and hydroelectric plant have been built and connected to the existing electricity grid on El Hierro, which belongs to UNELCO-ENDESA.

Surplus wind energy is used to pump water to a reservoir 700 metres above sea level and, when there is a shortage, water from the reservoir is discharged, which generates energy as the water flows down.

Unitecno was involved in the design and supply of the minimum flow valves used to protect the pump unit that collects water in an elevated reservoir which acts as an energy store.

Scope of supply by UNITECNO:

6 6”-600# minimum flow valves

  • Nominal flow: 210 mᶾ/h
  • Nominal altitude: 700 metres

2 10”-600# minimum flow valves

  • Nominal flow: 640 mᶾ/h
  • Nominal altitude: 700 metres