The micro screen drum filters are an ideal solution for filtering the water from wastewater treatment plants.
In addition, the filters are used for filtering the water from paper mills and textile industry, power and heating plants, fish farms, zoos, and many other operations.

Operating principle
Water that contains solid particles flows through the inlet pipe or sewer into the centre of the filter drum, solid particles are caught on the inside of the filter cloth and the filtered water flows through the cloth out. The entire filter remains off during this process. The filter cloth slowly becomes clogged by the increasing amount of filtered impurities, which leads to the rise of water level inside the drum as well as in front of the unit.

Once the water inside the drum reaches a certain level (switch-on level), it activates the drum and the backwash pump which pumps the already treated water to the nozzles of the backwash unit. The impurities on the filter cloth are removed by a directed jet stream of water to the sludge channel, from there they flow to the sludge tank.


  • Considerable improvement in the quality of treated water.
  • Compact design.
  • Low investment and operating costs.
  • Fully automated operation.
  • Substantially higher reliability of treatment.
  • High resistance to wear and damage.