Rotating self-cleaning strainer


Automatic filtration appropriate for demanding applications: high temperatures, viscous products, tar, paper pulp, thermal oil, etc. with filtration grades up to 10 microns.

Backflushing type

    • The recipient contains various cartridges that filter from inside out. An electric motor operates a rotating arm that successively connects each cartridge with the backflush line, generating counter pressure in the cartridge from outside in. Particles are dragged out and flushed through the backflush line. While this is occurring in one cartridge, the rest continue filtering.

Slot type with scraping brush

    • An internal brush with adjustable pressure via a spring, operated by an electric motor, scrapes the layer of particles that has formed on the internal surface of the basket. Freed particles are deposited in a separate chamber within the recipient. This chamber is discharged through the drain via an isolating valve.


  • Continuous filtration, even during cleaning.
  • Filtration grade from 5 mm up to 10 microns (0.01 mm).
  • Continuously operating rotating arm if required by application: The backflush valve stays open during the entire cycle: ex. seawater filtration.
  • Phase-operated rotating arm: The backflush valve does not open until the rotating arm is positioned below the corresponding cartridge: ex. combustible liquids, chemicals, etc.
  • Control via a dedicated PLC that communicates with the plant’s DCS (Distributed Communication System) for start-up, shut-down and process control. Time-programmable cleaning, according to the contaminant concentration.
  • Custom steel-welded in all standard and exotic materials according to specifications, rubberlined option available. And also in glass reinforced plastic (GRP).