Plastic filter

We have the possibility of manufacturing a large part of our program of filters and pressure vessels in polyester reinforced with fiberglass (GRP).


  • Mechanical strength.
  • Proportional elastic behavior.
  • Resistance to shocks, water hammer, seismic loads, wear.
  • Easy repair to an eventual break, with similar properties to the original.
  • Lightweight.
  • Hydraulic behaviour.
  • Low pressure loss due to the smooth internal finish, with a low rate of sludge accumulation.
  • Inlays are not formed: it maintains the internal section and the initial roughness which is very suitable for equipment with large diameters and low fluid velocities.

Chemical characteristics

  • High corrosion resistance suitable for all types of fluids: sea water, water treatments, slaughterhouse drains, fertilizers, etc.
  • Inert material against atmospheric agents.
  • Stability against temperature, although chemical inertia is also influenced by the type of resin used and fluid concentration.
  • Resins range: Iso, Orto, Vinyl ester, etc.

Design flexibility
We manufacture the filters and pressure vessels with the peculiarities and the sizes of the specification, by means of the suitable election of the components, since:

  • The mechanical strength depends on the quantity, arrangement and thickness of the glass fibers.
  • The manufacturing process and type of resin contribute to corrosion and wear resistance.