Boiler Level Indicators

LEVELSTATE electronic indicators carry out level detection using conductivity probes that detect steam according to conductivity. Consist of: water column, probe, local electronic monitoring unit, remote electronic monitoring unit and high-temperature cables.

They local and remote monitoring. 4 SPDT Alarm/Trip relays 4-20 mA multi-stage.

Adaptable to specified detection length. Up to 48 probes in boiler drums.

Adaptable to the conductivity of the water in use.

Complies with AOTC requirements for replacement of glass level and trip due to low boiler level.

Replacement water columns, connection cables, electronic units and probes for other manufacturers: BHEL, DIAMOND POWER, FOSSIL, AQUARIAN, HYDRASTEP, SOLARTRON, MOBREY, CLARK RELIANCE, NARVIK, YARWAY, EMERSON.

Used in thermal power stations, combined cycle power stations, paper mills and sugar mills worldwide.

Boiler Level Indicators