Electronic Level Switches

LEVELSTATE electronic level switches (ELS) carry out level detection using conductivity probes that recognize steam according to conductivity. From 1 to 8 detection probes, configured individually or in pairs for redundancy, according to installation requirements.

Installation in vertical column or horizontal pipework.

Dome-shaped probe protector insert to avoid false positives due to waves or humidity.

An alternative to float level indicators, with many advantages, especially at high temperatures and pressures, e.g. at condenser hotwells at the HP preheater in thermal power plants.

Programmable alarm and trip functions with dry contacts.

Other accessories for ELS: replacement water columns, connection cables, electronic units and probes for other manufacturers: BHEL, DIAMOND POWER, FOSSIL, AQUARIAN, HYDRASTEP, SOLARTRON, MOBREY, CLARK RELIANCE, NARVIK, YARWAY, EMERSON.