Consist of liquid-liquid and liquid-gas phase separators: The fluid passes over a bed with graduated porosity to coalesce the particles from their initial microscopic size until they form droplets that detach due to gravity.

If the density of the fluid to be separated is greater than the carrier medium, the collector is located in the lower part of the filter body. If not, the collection chamber is located in the upper part of the body.

Designs: vertical body with lid on the upper part or horizontal body with lid on lateral opening.

Their excellent performance in separation and filtration (99.9%) and their flow-adaptable capacity make coalescers ideal for many applications, for separation of free or emulsified water in:

  • Mineral oils, diesel, gasoline, thermal oil, solvents, aromatic compounds, etc.

They are also used in phase separation of intermediate or finished products:

  • (HC) C3-C9, benzene, toluene, butane, hexane, etc.

They have special applications for protecting gas turbines.

Custom steel-welded in all standard and exotic materials according to specifications. And also in glass reinforced plastic (GRP)