Three-step combined gas filter


  • The 3-step gas filter carries out removal of solids, liquids and gases associated with process gas flow using just one pressure vessel.
  • Variation in design conditions: flow, temperature, fluid density or changes in contaminants composition does not affect the total efficacy of the process in three-step combined filters.
  • With different size bodies and modular construction, these can filter any required flow. Removal efficiency of 99.9% for droplets up to 2 microns (0.002 mm.).
  • Appropriate for any gas and type of contaminant.
  • Custom steel-welded pressure vessel in all standard and exotic materials according to specifications. And also in glass reinforced plastic (GRP)

First stage

Removal of solids with cartridge filters, with filtration grades up to 1 micron (0.001 mm).

Second stage

Separation of the largest or densest droplets of impurities with a coalescing baffle. In this stage, the solids that have made it through the cartridge filter stage are deposited on the damp baffle walls and are dragged toward the drain along with the droplets.

Third stage

Final stage with a demister pad to eliminate the smallest droplets.

Three step combined gas filter