Minimum flow valves

SCHROEDER automatic recirculation valves (ARC) for minimum flow to protect centrifugal pumps. To ensure minimum flow through the pump during operation at low flows.

  • Also called minimum flow valves, ARC valves, YARWAY valves. This is the solution recommended by top pump manufacturers: FLOWSERVE, SULZER, KSB, WEIR.
  • They have 4 automatic functions: main flow check valve / minimum flow measurement / pressure reduction / bypass.
  • Modulating service. Energy saving. Improves the installation’s NPSH.
  • Independent mechanical operation. No associated instrumentation required. Easy installation and maintenance.
  • We have models that include pilot operation, suitable for pressures up to 400 bar.
  • As an alternative to automatic valves, we provide minimum flow control valves, also known as leak-off valves.