Project Description

Kathu Solar Park is located in Northern Cape (South Africa). It is a CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) project. Solar panels heat thermal oil (HTF) to 400 ºC; recirculating the HTF produces steam which powers a turbine, generating 100 MW of electricity.

To generate 100 MW of electricity with thermal oil from the solar field, a substantial volume has to be recirculated. Unitecno’s filters are intended to protect the pumps and other components in the thermal oil circuit, capturing particles of up to 300 microns.

Most significant scope of supply by Unitecno:

5 units 22”-300# basket filters for an operational flow of 2,100 m3 at 292 ºC

2 units 24”-600# basket filters for a nominal flow of 1,970 m3 at 350 ºC

1 unit 10”-300#, 20 micron cartridge filters and backflush filter with nitrogen, for the removal of byproducts produced by HTF deterioration over time.

  • Contractor: UTE KATHU (ACCIONA – SENER)
  • End client: ENGIE