Demister consists of a collection of meshes of woven threads that forms a dense body designed to separate liquids in the form of small particles contained in steams and gases.

They prevent emission of waste contaminants such as sulphur compounds, salt water, sand, hydrocarbons, etc. into protected interior spaces or out into the atmosphere.

Designs are customized to the specifications of the fluids being processed. They remove 99.9% of liquid content in gas.

When gas is passed through the demister, existing liquid particles in the gas hit the demister threads, build up due to molecular attraction, increase in size until they detach due to gravity and flow toward the drain.

Wide range of work conditions in separation of liquid contaminants (including solids and associated gases in the flow of gas being processed: very fine sand, hydrocarbons, etc).

High efficiency through various configurations and equipment with various stages.

Flexible design conditions: minimal pressure loss allowing for high gas speeds.

Integrated purge or drainage systems.

Custom steel-welded pressure vessel in all standard and exotic materials according to specifications. And also in glass reinforced plastic (GRP)

Demisters are basic pieces of equipment in desulphurisation plants, for incineration, combustion gas treatment, mould, odour, bacteria, and corrosion removal due to condensation, etc.